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Then I remembered something I’ve often told my students: you can get information anytime, anywhere. But knowledge, understanding, and know-how – those require real work. The kind of work that a student of mine was doing when she said that she could only understand half of the text I had assigned – a difficult text in eighteenth-century political theory – but she was enjoying the challenge. Or the work that another student was doing when he wrote a research paper on climate change, even though the topic made him anxious and depressed. Long hours of study, intense conversations with a wide range of people, engagement with new ideas and worldviews. You can do that kind of work in various ways, but one excellent way is to go to college.

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Interview with Youri Chassin, Economist and Research Director at the MEI, on the publication of a Research Paper on climate change policy. Broadcast on November 26, 2015, on CTV News Montreal.

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His single, though seminal peer reviewed research paper on climate change, the

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