Are you a Rutgers undergraduate HR major?

RUSHRM organizes various events like Multicultural night, Connections night (Mentor/ Mentee Program), HR Career Panels, Thanksgiving Dinner meeting, and General Members meetings, throughout the year. RUSHRM also organizes workshops like Dining Etiquette, Resume Writing and Interview Skills, and Networking Workshops. These events and workshops will help members in networking and developing as an HR Professional. HR leaders and Rutgers alumni come to these events to share their experiences and guide the members in their career paths. In addition, RU SHRM organizes an annual business conference in the spring of each year. The conference attracts more than 200 top executive business leaders, human resource professionals, graduate and undergraduate students, and Rutgers HR faculty and staff experts.

How did you learn about the Rutgers MHRM program

Are you a Rutgers undergraduate HR major

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How did you learn about the Rutgers MHRM program? (for example, Google search; Print Ad; Faculty Recommendation; Digital Billboard, etc.) Please be specific. Thank you.

Masters Program: Rutgers Hr Masters Program

Each year, Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations organizes the Jim Chelius Case Competition to allow Rutgers HR students to gain in-depth experience in handling industry-related challenges. The event is typically sponsored by a corporation and leads to an onsite presentation to the sponsoring company's executives. Students are provided feedback from experts within the HR field, as they practice their public speaking and analytical skills. All students within Rutgers SMLR's HR program receive an award for participating in the competition. In addition to the professional development, the Chelius case event is advantageous for students planning on competing in national competitions, including The Ohio State University HR Invitational.

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Rutgers HR SM Video Project- Uptown Funk Parody - YouTube

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Rutgers HR Masters program boasts of having the most "published HR faculty in the world"

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