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and if i havent asked enough, is this worded right?.... For these reasons, i am glad that she has such a strong influence on the person i am becoming , and is someone i greatly admire.

i need ideas for this someone i admire essay..

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How to Write a Speech About Someone I Admire

"Quentin's a friend of mine and someone I admire greatly because I think he's one of the most courageous people I've ever met. He has lived his life in an individual way in a society that is vicious and malevolent. But he is a hero in a feminine way. So that's a song about the feminine qualities than can exist in man without being negative." ~

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"Well, it's partly about me and partly about Quentin. Again, I was looking for a metaphor. Quentin is a hero of mine, someone I know very well. He is gay, and he was gay at a time in history when it was dangerous to be so. He had people beating up on him on a daily basis, largely with the consent of the public. Yet, he continued to be himself. He is funny and witty and utterly singular. He lives in New York too, in the Bowery, and dares to walk the streets. I didn't just want to be writing about myself as an alien. I wanted to write about Quentin, someone I admire. So it's not really about being gay. It's about being yourself, never conforming. That's what the song is really about." ~

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I am writing an essay about someone i admire and I need help on determining what kind of sentences these are...i need to have 3 compound 2 of eac complex, and compound-complex.

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