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President Obama was in town to give a speech for Secretary of State candidate John Markey at Roxbury Community College (1234 Columbus Ave, Roxbury). Tickets were only available through your representative after a commitment of 1 hour of campaign service. Were you one of the chosen ones?

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The best experience by far, however, was when I had the opportunity to write a speech for Secretary Kerry. It was for a relatively minor event—an introduction for an interdepartmental speaker—but, despite rounds of editing, the writing was mine from start to finish. It was incredible to see and hear the U.S. Secretary of State reading aloud a speech that I had written. I even met and shook hands with the Secretary after the event!

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Although he believed in working at the local level, Hughes, who had once written a major policy speech for Secretary of Defense McNamara, always showed up in online debates on national and international telecom policy. In 1991, when then-senator Albert Gore began talking about government sponsorship of a National Research and Education Network, Dave started spending as much time online in D.C. as in Dillon.

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sample of 5th grade speech for secretary

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6th Grade WINNING Campaign Speech for Secretary

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