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In other words there is not a real heart connection when we see some one as just an object,no real union takes place in our hearts, also, this speaks of supreme selfishness to me and egocentricity. WE must view all others with the kind of interest which grants life. Good divisions for us to see Eink. Subjects of interest, vitalize desires... as vivacious and wonderful beings.

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The evolution of smart phones' hardware and operating systems, users tendency to join social networks and to share multimedia content and daily life events, well-established methods and technologies of Semantic web, and the increasing establishment of Linked Open Data (LOD) APIs, motivate us to introduce a new approach in multimedia content composition and sharing in personal area networks that automatically analyzes, selects, composes, and shares the authored content. The capabilities of social network applications and the applications that address multimedia document composition, retrieval and presentation, and multimedia content sharing, do not go beyond allowing the users to share text, pictures, or other types of media content in social networks, performing manual or semi-automatic multimedia document composition, retrieving a list of pre-composed multimedia documents that eventually include datasets retrieved from DBpedia based on the geographic location. There is a lack of applications that are capable to automatically analyze the multimedia content on the devices of the users, compose multimedia documents about the Subject of Interest (SOI), retrieve and use additional data from LOD sources, and achieve a cross-multimedia document models authoring. In this paper we introduce our innovative approach of automatic analysis, composition, and sharing of multimedia content driven by a user's subject of interest (SOI). Our new approach enables us to achieve a smart multimedia authoring and sharing by incorporating new phases within the authoring process, which have not yet been applied by other applications.

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Pursuing your intellectual interests or your passions through grad school may or may not also include practical and professional benefits. Grad school can provide you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in your subject of interest, which you may otherwise find hard to do outside of academia. Regardless of the subject or field, as Erin Kane, M.S. Nonprofit Management, shared in an interview about her grad school experience, "graduate school gives you the space to be reflective and the time to carefully wade through information—two things that are growing scarce in our society."

Kansas City police say they have identified two men described as
He is a subject of interest in a vehicle break-in and the subsequent theft and fraudulent use of a credit card.

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Right off the top of my head... a subject of interest is something "interesting" that may also become an object of desire. A subject of interest keeps our attention.

A subject of major interest is a specialization within a general degree program

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Federal officials have revoked the passport of an Iranian-trained Montreal imam once described by the RCMP’s Integrated National Security Enforcement Team as a “subject of interest in an ongoing investigation.”

An internal email said he was not to be told he was a subject of police interest.

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Statistical information on the wider subject of market interest rates is provided as time series and in the form of tables. Individual time series on selected periods may be specified and downloaded. Where available the series start in 1982.