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Stating that you cannot have it both ways — increased security as well as humane treatment of prisoners — is too cynical for words, for in spite of the increased numbers of soldiers, sophisticated equipment etc., security is steadily decreasing, and the downward curve is getting steeper and steeper. And it is decreasing precisely because of our boundless stupidity and arrogance, because for each of the local prisoners in Bagram or elsewhere, particularly the many innocent ones, scores of new insurgents rise, often nolens volens, but if your brother has already spent long years in one of those black holes, I dare anyone to suggest what argument you could use to refuse to support the insurgents, when one night they come to claim you. They’re all over the country, they have been quietly infiltrating over the years, while our generals and politicians were holding success speeches about battles won, hearts and minds conquered.

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Here are 33 motivational quotes from Eric Thomas's powerful Secrets To Success Speech.

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Sandi brings a thought provoking combination of real world business leadership and "cut to the chase" street sensibility to her Leadership and Success Speeches. It's a style that engages audiences to think, be uncomfortable, and then knock down some walls and make changes.

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Like a good story, every one of our example speeches has a clear beginning, middle and end. We advocate you use this principal when writing your speeches from scratch or adapting one of our example speeches. By doing this you will lay the foundations for a successful speech that fulfills all of your aspirations.

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