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And another is undoubtedly a newfound respect for the Syracuse music scene.

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John has been with Letizia & the Z Band for 7 years. John has played in the Syracuse area music scene for 3 decades. He has played and recorded with the likes of Riff Raff, Drastics, Dream Machine, Penny Pullus, Kim Fetters and Benny Mardones. He has the timing all drummers dream of. John is known thoughout this region for his talents. His versatility and feel for his craft is why he is the perfect fit for the Z Band. He can play any style, which allows Letizia and the band to be the diverse group that they are, playing songs from the 40's right through to today.

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Ron Wray's reputation for documenting the greatest music to come out of Syracuse goes back . He started keeping records in 1968, the first "History of Syracuse Music" album debuted two years later, and more than a dozen volumes have been produced in the decades since. Ron's website has 128 chapters of information devoted to the Syracuse music scene, dating back to the 1800s.

A glimpse of the Syracuse University music scene, featuring The Good Intentions, Curtis Greene, and Alex Keenan
Gorham Brothers Music opened it's doors in December 2011 at 118 Seeley Road, Syracuse, NY.

Brother's Gorham have been involved in the Syracuse music scene for over a decade playing in bands, touring nationally, and buying and selling musical equipment. After losing some favorite music stores in the area, they set out to create a store that embodied all the things they love about the stores that they've been to locally, as well as across the country; affordable, vintage, and hard to find mountainous amounts of gear you can plug in, play, and shred on for as long as you want. The Syracuse music scene has the chops to make these songs memorable all over again. The Beatles gave the world soft songs, melodic songs, fast songs, edgy songs. The Central New York musicians were ready for it all. Syracuse New Times Sammys 2007 Award Winners
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Thanks to all those who came out and supported the Syracuse music scene this weekend at the annual Syracuse New Times Sammys award show. We're proud to announce the winners for this year's round of awards. Awards were selected by an independent panel of judges from the Le Moyne College music department lead by Andrew Russo, head of the department.

Ace, Andy and James hit the road this weekend to play dates in East Syracuse (Greenwood Winery) and Hamilton, New York (Good Nature Brewery). The guys are very excited to get out in support of Day Dawns Clear hitting iTunes and Amazon in March. They will be joined by Syracuse’s own Robyn Stockdale for the appearance at Greenwood Winery (4/17). Robyn has been performing in the Syracuse music scene for over 15 years and is currently co-creator and performer in Syracuse’s popular ‘Vinyl – Albums Live’ series.
Bands, fans and promoters stay connected with the online Syracuse Music Scene bulletin board

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Ultimately, you need to see it and hear it to believe it. It’s about time there was
a band like this in Syracuse; the kind that grabs you by the back of the head and dunks you
under water while they laugh and trade high fives. It’s wild and unforgiving and absolutely fantastic. Do yourself and the rest of the Syracuse music scene a favor and check them out
right now. The world needs more spectacles like this.

The SAMMYS Awards Show is our annual celebration of the Syracuse music scene

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It's hard to imagine the Syracuse music scene without the Westcott Theater. Every week, the venue is pumped full of acts spanning legendary to local, hip-hop to folk to electronic. For Syracuse University students, it's become something of an initiation: When transplants get to SU, they learn quickly that the Westcott is right around the corner and it's the music spot. Likewise, locals know to keep an eye on the schedule for their all-time favorites or the next big thing.

The Syracuse Area Music Awards Show is our annual celebration of the Syracuse music scene

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Here in Syracuse, the radio station had access to the concert venues of its time. At the War Memorial, disc jockeys had a rite of passage and had access to national acts. These DJs saw how it was done backstage. They would take that process of what they had seen backstage and create a local time line for the Syracuse music scene that became The History of Syracuse Music. Each of the 14 albums included bios on the bands and photo collages of the popular Syracuse bands. These were bands that might never be able to record or get a label. Even without "management," the bands could submit a recording and if it was chosen they would appear on the cover in the collage and pressed on vinyl. Every band's dream -- recorded proof of their existence on an album to be heard forever.