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Okay, that’s great, but I need to know how can I use tracking and computer vision techniques on Earth, rather than on Mars? Computer vision as a field of recognition, which includes object recognition, detection and identification, which is used for security identifications, but in modern research in biology and medicine, especially for early detection of various abnormalities and disease, that people would not be able to do. Various feature extraction algorithms can be of use to marketing retailers and researches in various scientific disciplines like psychology, to detect emotions and other data from sets of images or videos. More on, assistive technologies nowadays incorporate various tracking algorithms to help people with disabilities to use computers and mobile devices easily. Even when you tag your friends on Facebook or Instagram, you’re dealing with computer vision algorithms, that include facial recognition and object recognition techniques.

Ss compare technology in the past and technology nowadays:

Technology nowadays is, if anything, Interesting

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In today's working world, it's difficult to find better jobs because of many competitions. Every company requires workers with a variety of skills. Some professionals develop their skills over a considerable period of time and had worked for many years. However, employers are not only looking for experienced workers but also for the qualifications and the acquired skills in dealing new technologies nowadays.

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With war being driven by technology nowadays, the CW has upgraded its curriculum to reckon with the best in the world, even throwing some surprises to the visiting foreign armies. The use of paint ball guns, gen-next rock climbing gadgets, and cameras for room intervention are some of the training gadgets used.

Both technologies nowadays are playing on level ground regarding the popular 40-50 inch size range
People can hardly imagine their lives without modern technologies nowadays

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The existing diverse technologies nowadays are of great help for the development of any human activity, either it is industrial or not

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Technologies nowadays have a huge impact on our lives; the way we communicate and the way we maintain the relations among ourselves

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