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In any event, such an adversarial voice has no alternative to rejectingculture, just as Harold Bloom in his recent has no alternative to rejecting Christianity, Judaism, and the Bible. Theultimate adversary in this view is the Gnostic's evil Demiurge who rulesnot only the world but who in order to do so must disguise himself as theJudeo-Christian God. If such a metaphysical reversal tends to spread confusion,disgust, and despair among the damned human race-at the same time blurringthe distinction between malevolent and benevolent adversaries-it is stillpossible for toughened optimists to believe that this is only the destructionthat precedes fresh creation. In this perspective (shared by such boldFrench reversers as Georges Bataille, the Marquis de Sade, E. M. Cioran,and Antonin Artaud), Twain's moral rigorist becomes a necessary Devil who,like Wallace Stevens' necessary angel in "Angel Surrounded by Paysans,"helps us see the earth as it truly is.

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The Damned Human Race
Mark Twain Subject: The subject is the moral de-evolution of the human race. Occasion: Twain uses Darwin's theory of the evolution of man as a pretext to put forward his opposite theory. Audience: Twain speaks to the entire human race and/or the general public. Purpose: Twain wants to challenge the accepted view that humans are superior to animals and make people think about their collective behaviour. Speaker: Twain appears thoughtful and intelligent; he is also cynical and exhibits a keen sense of humour. He often uses witty writing and proposes a scientific point of view. Tone: He has a negative tone shown by words such as: damned, incurably foolish Gloomy: He makes it sound like the point of no return is approaching, says things like the descent of man from the higher animals Hostile: He attacks the subject harshly, "indecency, vulgarity, obscenity--these are all strictly confined to man." Sarcastic: The whole piece has a sarcastic tone-"seems to suggest that the earl was descended from the anaconda and ha lost a good deal in the transition." Organization/Narrative Style: It is organized as an argumentative essay. It starts with the main idea and backs it up with reasoning and evidence. It is written to be attention grabbing and dramatic. Evidence: Irony: Goes beyond what is needed to convey his point to the audience Hyperbole: All of the 'experiments' he conducts are exaggerated for effect, as are many of his statements. Metaphor: He makes opposite metaphors, comparing animals to the ideal view of man and men to the stereotypical animal.

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From now on, whenever the damned human race drives me crazy, this the book I'll be reaching for.
These here Mark Twain scholars have put together a delightful collection of anecdotes, stories, wit, and wisdom from the pen of the man himself. No one else could have written this stuff. It's funny, irreverent, insightful, and cantankerous. Real fun.
Plus, they got Grover Gardner to read it, and ya' can't do better than that.

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The Damned Human Race

The Damned Human Race by Mark TwainSummary

No need to venture into the labyrinth of logic and epistemology to argue this. Just do as Mark Twain did in The Damned Human Race, and tell the story of a little scientific test.

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We can believe at the same time that the Liberator Devil is not a fanaticabout these matters. No doubt, like Milton's Satan, he would have preferredthe entrancing aroma of the earthly Paradise to the stench of Augean cattledroppings. Besides, the latter means houseflies, and it is likely thathe finds them as obnoxious as Twain and his Satan did. But there is a largerissue here so that the end justifies the odoriferous means. What this Devilneeds to encourage is the human tendency to identify as liberating thereduction of any aspiration, however seemingly noble or virtuous, to bodilywastes, as if he were an ardent press agent for the scatological mysticismof the French writer Georges Bataille. Ultimately, this is to make a virtueof self-disgust, a form of inverse transcendence that can issue creativelyin the higher forms of desecration. When that caca rocker G. G. Allin threwhis feces at the audience he was acting in the tradition of expose writers,ancient and modern: forcing the audience to confront the dirty truth behindthe sentimental illusions that structure its life. The Milwaukee jury'srefusal to accept his argument that he was only exercising his artisticfreedom simply highlighted the hypocrisy of the damned human race thatso appalled Twain's Satan and such of his epigones as the late Lenny Bruce-whosescatological humor, as the late Ralph Gleason once pointed out in , "challenged society at its very roots."

“The Damned Human Race” is a scathing irony and satire on man’s combative, cruel and callous nature


Still, I think Henry David and Joyce would have liked each other. And ifMaynard had been strong enough, less afflicted by boundless self-inflictedtalent and love of the damned human race, she might have been happier followingher landsman's lead, ignoring the wolf whistle of early fame.