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The purpose of primary education is the development of your weak characteristics; the purpose of university education, the development of your strong. ~Nevin Fenneman

The Purpose of University Education

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The author remembers his early experiences in post-secondary education, being led into an unenlightening and tedious chemistry program at McGill University, but being too absorbed by it to even think of changing plans. But his eventual ideas about the purpose of university education were being formed. He sought various distractions that proved more personally rewarding than his undergraduate program.

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What is the purpose of university education? What ought to be its purpose? I have thought about these questions for over 50 years, beginning in a vague and confused way when I first entered McGill University as a naive 16 year old. Such an early start in university was not unusual in Quebec at that time. That was just the way the system worked, with eleven years of school before students went directly to university. Since my birthday is in October it just worked out that there I was, at 16, enrolling in an institution that I knew virtually nothing about but thought, vaguely that it was something I should do. But why? …

The purpose of university education.
Some of your comments touched on the fundamental question of the purpose of university education

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It’s the last week of the semester, and once again I ended my course in American Political Thought with a discussion of different views on the purpose of university education. My students read essays by John Dewey, Clark Kerr, Alan Bloom, and my late friend and colleague . As in past semesters, we also discussed the 1964 Berkeley Free Speech Movement (FSM), this time in light of the fiftieth anniversary, which has been marked by various this fall.

But his eventual ideas about the purpose of university education were being formed

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The purpose of university education is, however, more than just gain a qualification; it is to prepare you with the skills that will fit you for life. Your challenge as a student starts now when entering this orientation. In your university journey, you need to strike the right balance between your academic and community life. Curtin Sarawak offers a wide range of opportunities to expand your circle of friends, expand your interests and develop your talents. The university has sporting, religious, and social clubs. It offers opportunities for volunteering and for developing your leadership capacity. Look for an activity that appeals and jump in.

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Jeff Rybak, 31, is a graduate of the University of Toronto Scarborough and author of What’s Wrong with University: And How to Make It Work for You Anyway. The guidebook-cum-philosophical treatise examines the purpose of university education and gives practical advice to students on getting the most out of their schooling. Rybak, a former vice-president, academics, on the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union, is currently studying law at U of T. He talked to writer Graham F. Scott about his book.