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Daniel Bell in the early seventies and Manuel Castells in the late nineties put forward a somewhat different concept of the role of technology in society. For them, technology is primarily a process that develops in parallel to other social processes with results that are then integrated (and adjusted) by social actors in order to advance their agenda. This can subvert the activities of the dominant social actors and decrease their influence or it can expand it. Central in this concept is the idea of a deep interpenetration of society and technology without conflating them into one, or privileging one over the other. Castells stresses that "technology does not determine society: it embodies it. But neither does society determine technological innovation: it uses it. [There is a] dialectical interaction between society and technology". Unfortunately he does not trouble to detail to how this embodiment happens. I suspect, however, that this is the interesting question to ask in order to understand the role of technology in the current social changes.

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The Role of Technology in Society

Readings illustrate competing perspectives on the role of technology in society, asillustrated by Marx, Postman, Hughes, Weinberg, Florman, Mesthene, and McDermott. I will introduce such enduring issues as: What is technology? What is its role insociety? Who governs technology? Key concepts include: technological momentum,technical fix, determinism, and social shaping versus social impacts.

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TEC 102 Technology and Society. (3) I, II. The role of technology in society. Characteristics of a technologically literate citizen. Perspectives, theories, issues, concerns, and facts to support the recognition of the forces and consequences of technological change. Evolution and current trends of diverse technologies.

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Technology assessment firstly addresses science, for instance STS (science and technology studies), risk research etc., by contributing to our understanding of the role of technology in society or by analysing the concrete impacts of a technology. Secondly, TA prepares knowledge for decision-makers. In this function at international level TA mainly addresses parliaments, but also the EU Commission, and traditionally in Austria the administration, mainly the federal ministries. Indirectly TA also addresses the public via the media and other multipliers.

Mesthene, "The Role of Technology in Society," in Thompson, pp

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examine the role of technology in society, and information on engineering design

These factors change us by way of changing our environment

During this experiment, 23 students of the TU Delft have explored the ethical aspects of their future profession and the role of technology in society through visual reflection. All projects will be revealed and judged by a jury. The debate will be led by Professor Ibo van de Poel.