Who Invented The Thermos Flask - Want to Know it

The Scottish chemist and physicist Sir James Dewar invented the Thermos flask, also known as the Dewar flask or vacuum flask, in the 1890's for the purpose of storing liquid gases at very low temperatures. The basic function of the vacuum flask is to thermally insulate the contents and prevent heat flowing either in or out.

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it is almost equivalent to a condition of vacuum in between the 2 glass walls in the thermos flask.

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The stainless steel Thermos Flask from Rosti Mepal is tough and durable. You can rest assured that it will keep your hot drink hot and your cold drink cold for at least 12 hours! Its screw top with double sealer will stay on the flask while pouring and is simple to clean. The thermos flask is available in 4 different sizes, from small (330) to large (900)!

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That said the 0.75 litre flask performed well and I suspect the 1 litre model would have been not as good as the old Thermos flask but not to far behind. When I am going out on the water for just a few hours and want enough hot water with me for a cup or two of a hot drink this flask is still likely to see some use.

The Thermos Flask is a very clever design that either keeps things hot, or cold.
It helps to insulate the thing inside the thermo flask. The heat or coldness outside the flask gets reflected away. It might sound silly but it is trueThis test again confirmed the ratings of Thermos first, Lifeventure second and the Vango third. Moreover you start to see the benefit of the better flask. After 15 hours the Thermos flask has managed to keep the water at pretty much the temperature the Vango one is at after 5 hours.
2. Take the temperature of the inside of the thermos flasks over several days.

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I will talk about the individual flasks and their attributes below but from the testing and my experience I have learnt some points. First there is a performance price to be paid for size and convenience. If you want the convenience of a smaller flask it will cool quicker. If you have a larger capacity flask that has thin walls, it will cool quicker. The Thermos flask (and the one Russell uses) are bigger than some of the cheaper flasks of the same capacity.

The walls of the thermos flask act as an insulator (very poor conductor of heat)

The greatest thing ever invented has to be the Thermos flask

The Thermos Flask holds half a litre of coffee. Enough caffeine to make you jump around the office for at least two hours. You don't want to mess coffee all over your expensive outfit, do you?
Don't worry! The top part of the lens is a handy coffee cup!

At the end of the experiment put your hand inside thethermos flask.How does the air feel inside each flask?

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Thermos was hailed around the world for its revolutionary design. In 1909 Thermos won the "Grand Prize Award" at the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition and went on to be honored at 7 other world expositions. The Thermos vacuum flask made a technological breakthrough in 1911 when Thermos Limited of England produced the first machine-made glass filler. Today Thermos continues to be the world leader in glass vacuum technology.