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Contact us for your flight arrangements. We provide very competitive prices and special yacht crew fares world wide. NOTE:-It is compulsory to obtain a letter of authorisation from Tonga immigration to enter Tonga on a one way ticket; you may not be allowed to board a flight to Tonga without an official letter. We can provide this letter within 2 working days

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agent or contact the Tongan Immigration ..

Ringleader of Tongan Immigration Scam arrested

Everyone else needs to obtain a visa in advance. You can do this by contacting the Tongan Immigration Department.

Visas can be extended by request from the Principal Immigration Officer.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tonga Immigration Division

Re: They are desperate. The cult in Australia is stagnant, even with huge Samoan/Tonga immigration.
ozpoof, this blog is written by a friend who is also interested in the mormon presence in Australia.

RE: Trevor Jefferson’s Complaint Against the Tongan Immigration Department I, Trevor R
practitioner approved by Tonga Immigration or by any of the doctors specified below2

Tonga - Immigration New Zealand

Tonga Immigration Medical Form completed by a reliable doctor (health authority)

Visa Requirements : Vava'u Islands, Tonga, South Pacific

The cult in Australia is stagnant, even with huge Samoan/Tonga immigration

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