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Thomas’s memoir is part short vignettes, self-help, and confessional; it examines her life, as a working mother, and a woman, and her memories and experiences in the stories that comprise her life. She hopes that you will find “the gem” in each and they will let you know that you are not alone. Thomas’s touching essays were first documented in her personal blog My View From The Summit (VFS).

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After much consideration of all the very touching essays we received from the community for our "Beat The Heat" A/C giveaway contest, we are very excited to officially announce that Lisa Grimm is the proud recipient of a very much needed new AC unit in her home. Lisa has been living without air conditioning for over 2 years and struggles with multiple sclerosis and is also a cancer survivor. She is confined to a wheel chair and paralyzed from the waist down. Lisa was nominated by many fellow MS group members and friends who went out of their way to let us know of her many struggles and urgent need for air conditioning. Kenmark Air is privileged to meet Lisa Grimm and to be able to play a significant role in helping to make her life a little bit easier and less stressful.

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At a time when people seem to be searching for a simple life grounded in values, these touching essays encourage us to go home, to wander down the lanes and find peace and contentment at the end of dirt roads.

A Heart-touching Essay--For Unbreakeable Friendship Essays
Actress JOAN COLLINS has honoured her late sibling Jackie in a touching essay, confessing she will never overcome the loss of her "beautiful baby sister".His trusty binoculars and The New York Times Crossword Puzzle—which he confidently completed with his Cross pen—were never far from his side. He enjoyed this time of his life so much that he wrote several touching essays about his wife and the Florida scenery they both loved. Actress Joan Collins has honoured her late sibling Jackie in a touching essay, confessing she will never overcome the loss of her "beautiful baby sister".In one of the more touching essays in the book, Lori shares her experience of selling newspapers alongside a homeless vendor named Lou. Lori’s job was to draw attention to her and Lou with excitement and enthusiasm so that papers would sell; Lou would earn more if she sold more papers. One morning as she was selling papers, Lori had an unexpected run-in with a fashionable and trendy former classmate. The friend was planning to move to New York and audition for acting parts, following her dreams.
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As the collection’s title indicates, there’s a generous amount of autobiographical material – some of it very richly rewarding – throughout these pages. There are touching essays about Epstein’s childhood and youth in 14th century Poland and at the University of Chicago, and running through all of these is the thread of how deeply reading and the world of books have shaped our author. At the heart of virtually every one of these smart, allusive essays is a simple in the power of books to create their readers. The standout piece “Educated by Novels” gets to the heart of it:

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First of all, thank you for the time and effort you put forth in your UChicago application. We’ve laughed at your jokes, we’ve contemplated your mantis shrimp, we’ve even cried a little (yes, we do have the full range of human emotions!) at some particularly touching essays, and once again, we’ve found that UChicago continues to attract AWESOME students. This year’s applicants have come from across the globe, united by a compelling interest in learning and the power of ideas. Rest assured—no matter your admission decision, these traits will serve you well.

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Donny’s Diamond Gallery would like to thank all the participants in the Mother’s Day essay contest. The response was tremendous with close to three hundred entries. Students all across the county wrote essays to submit to the “Why My Mom Deserves a Diamond” essay contest for a chance to win a diamond necklace or gift certificate from Donny’s Diamond Gallery. Students wrote about their moms, grandmothers and sisters with such conviction and love it was touching to read all the entries. All the students who entered deserve congratulations for their hard work and touching essays.