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When did you start taking classes with Folsom Lake College (FLC)?I started taking classes at FLC in the Fall of 2009 and graduated Spring 2011.What was your major?My major was Theatre/General Studies.Why did you choose FLC?I chose FLC because I knew that I wanted to go into theatre professionally, but my high school grades weren't strong enough to get into my dream school- New York University. FLC offered me the opportunity to improve my GPA, while also participating in shows and building my theatre resume.What was the best part of your experience with FLC?The best part of my FLC experience was playing Olive Ostrovsky in the Falcon's Eye Theatre production of "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee," under the direction of Professor David Harris.What are you particularly proud of that you accomplished with FLC?I am proud of finally getting A's in Chemistry and Math! I studied really hard and succeeded in snagging my A's.How do you feel Folsom Lake College helped prepare you for the future?FLC allowed me to grow as a person, an actor, and a student, which prepared me to transfer to NYU. Without FLC, and more importantly my wonderful Counselor Jill Morrison, that would not have been possible. Jill and FLC really took the time to fight for my academic career and support me in my transfer to university.What are you doing now?I am currently finishing my final semester at NYU, where I will graduate with a BFA in Acting. My concentration this semester is Film and TV Acting at Stonestreet Studios, an NYU affiliate. I am also directing my first play, "Proof" by David Auburn, which will play in New York City's theatre district in January of 2014.What are your plans for the future?I plan to stay in NYC and make my living as an actor! I would like to do a combination of theatre, film, and television. I'm also excited to see where my passion for directing will take me!

I'm looking to transfer to NYU Stern for Fall 2014

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The people in the administration office aren't really obnoxious, but some of them are clueless. The food in the cafeteria isn't that great, but there are a million places to eat at on Chambers Street. BMCC has a few lame parties, but overall campus life is lacking (what do you expect from a community college?). It's only fair that I mention that they have a decent gym. The student body is diverse. There are some people who treat BMCC like the 13th grade. There are other people who receive straight A's at BMCC and then transfer to NYU or Columbia. Quite a few students are older adults who work during the day and then go to class at night and on weekends.

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Though the whole thing was very unusual, a part of me hoped they were on to something. Maybe this sudden influx of psychic energy was leading towards an acceptance to transfer to NYU.

Plz help me with my transfer to nyu,I have been accepted at RIT with ..
I transferred as a sophomore from Wake Forest University with a 3.3 GPA and 33 ACT. Transfer to NYU Stern is crazy - they only accepted about 25 out of over a thousand applicants for Fall 2013. I don't know how they chose who to accept and how on earth I was one of them, but it happened! I wanted nothing more than to transfer there specifically and never thought I'd get in, so have some hope even if you don't think you can! Out of those 25 that got accepted, only about 10 accepted their spots.I knew I wanted to specifically transfer to NYU after my fall semester last year, so I was able to base my spring schedule around the classes Stern wanted transfers to take (I took Calculus I, Intermediate Micro, and an English class). I don't know if the classes they want applicants to take has changed since then, though (I found the information on their website). Also, I studied for the ACT and retook it (I was able to raise it up 3 points from my high school score of 30). As I mentioned before, doing all this wasn't easy and required a lot of work. I asked my French professor, who I had become close with, to write me a recommendation, so I'm sure it was good.
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I transferred to NYU from a state school out of state. I had a 3.85, honors classes, was in the honors society, honors program, etc. but was not in many clubs other than the honor society. Just work hard, get the best grades you can and take honors classes if you're able. Write a good letter of intent and explain in a clear and concise way exactly why you want to transfer to NYU.

I plan to go into my third semester and after, apply to transfer to NYU

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Today, Ms. Bonilla, 27, became the first member of her family to earn a college degree. An honors graduate with a perfect 4.0 grade point average, she also is a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the international honors society for community colleges. Ms. Bonilla plans to transfer to NYU or Seton Hall for the fall semester and to go to law school.

I'm a California community college student looking to transfer to NYU fall 2016 as a Junior

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Anonymous asked: Hi there! I transferred to NYU last semester and I am really looking to get more involved and meet more people at NYU! It has been really difficult to make friends and meet people so far, but I have done a lot of research and joined a bunch of clubs. But, I am starting to lose hope that I will find a community here or close friends here I was wondering if you knew any clubs or organizations etc. that are good at building community? I would appreciate any help or suggestions! Thank you so much!