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Upon transferring from community college or any other college, the University of Pennsylvania has a wide variety of choices and will help you to prepare for a meaningful and rewarding career. But first, you need to get accepted by applying to Upenn transfer admissions. In this post, we'll get inside my experience going from community college to Upenn and why it takes powerful, persistent planning to get accepted into Upenn as a transfer student.

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Here are the largest differences that I found between the University of Pennsylvania and community college. Hopefully, they will motivate you to fulfill all the Upenn transfer requirements and get accepted by the admissions committee:

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Transferring to Upenn from community college is a great way to save money and get the liberal arts course work out of the way. A community college student can get his or her feet wet and make a decision on which way to head for a bachelors degree. For returning adults, this is an excellent way to get back into the swing of things without being overwhelmed and getting a two-year degree under your belt. Even if you don't start out at community college, being a Upenn transfer is a phenomenal experience.

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Competition was essential at certain positions. Andrew Garret, 5th-year senior, was able to challenge for the starting QB position and will result in significant playing time for both. UPenn transfer had a eye-opening camp and earned substantial playing time at running back.

wrong if you didn't get at least a 3.7, whereas in science and math classes you were lucky if you got a 2.7,” added the UPenn transfer.

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Like I said, higher quality students means higher-level competition. That means you should be ready for grading curves, especially as a Upenn Wharton transfer student. Let me explain a little bit further...

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I came across the UPenn transfer page and was wondering what you thought of my chances of being accepted as a transfer student for the fall 2010. My resume is below.