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All usage of CCTV other than in a purely domestic context must be undertaken in compliance with the requirements of the Data Protection Acts. Extensive guidance on this issue is available at . In summary all uses of CCTV must be proportionate and for a specific purpose. As CCTV infringes the privacy of the persons captured in the images there must be a genuine reason for installing such a system. If installing such a system, it is required that the purpose for its use be displayed in a prominent position. In a shop or store context this would normally be at the entrance.

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Most uses of CCTV will be covered by the Data Protection Act

However, there is a widespread belief that the use of cameras is covered by the DPA if they capture images of people on property not belonging to the camera’s owner. Householders should bear in mind the use of the words “limited household purposes” – it is possible that some uses of CCTV may take them outside of this definition and bring them under the control of the DPA. For example, it may be that using a camera to snoop on a neighbour would not be exempt from the DPA restrictions.

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Data Protection Act

Most uses of CCTV by organisations and businesses will be covered by the Data Protection Act (DPA) and will require then to register their system with the Information Commissioner and comply with the Data Protection principles. The basic legal requirements to comply with the DPA are set out in the Information Commissioners Office CCTV Code of Practice.

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except for uses of CCTV for research and classroom instruction

This book examines the uses of CCTV in a typical English town

1 Uses of CCTV technology covered by University policies governing research with human subjects or animal subjects are excluded from this Policy.

In summary all uses of CCTV must be proportionate and for a specific purpose

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Most uses of CCTV are covered by the Data Protection Act. Operators of CCTV are required to follow certain rules and guidelines included in the CCTV Code of Practice 2008, such as:

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Many of its provisions are relevant to other uses of CCTV.