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*A Note on Sources: The opening paragraph is adapted from An Administrative History of Vassar College 1861-2003, which draws on selected Vassar College catalogues and bulletins form 1892-93 through 1981-82. The remainder of this account relies heavily on the Annual Reports of the Sociology Department (1979 through 2010) archived in the Department Office and is further supplemented by Vassar College Catalogues (1978-79 to 2009-10) in addition to our personal memories of the past 3 decades.

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Planning Seeley Mudd Chemistry Building. From left to right: Professors Miriam Rossi, Curt Beck, Joan Dieters, Christina Hammond, and Anne Gouraris. Photo: Vassar College Catalogue 1984-85

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In addition to the transformation of Introductory Sociology, the Department reorganized its capping experience to include a required senior thesis in conjunction with a senior seminar. This restructuring was announced for the first time in the 1980/81 Vassar catalogue. Sociology also took steps to modify its curriculum in other ways, reducing the requirements for the major from 121/2 units to 101/2. This reduction was accomplished by lowering the required number of theory units from two to one, with a parallel reduction in methods courses. Requirements for the major listed in the 1985/86 Vassar Catalogue included Introductory Sociology 151, Sociology 247 (theory), 254 (methods), Sociology 300/301 (senior thesis/colloquium for a total of one unit) and two additional seminars at the 300-level. The remaining 41/2 units were to consist of Sociology courses elected by Sociology majors, with the extra 1/2 unit in place to encourage students to pursue Field Work (Sociology 290) under the auspices of the Department.

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