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Newell was part of the chorus of women in Hamlet and Tucker fondly remembered her, however the same could not quite be said for their 1995 production of Romeo and Juliet.

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Examine Shakespeare’s women found in Hamlet. Discuss the characters of Ophelia and Gertrude. Both of them seem ignorant, shallow, a pale reflection of the masculine shadows within whose orbits they move. Surely Shakespeare meant them to be more than foils or development for their male counterparts. Explore Shakespeare’s intent for the women in Hamlet.

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“What most female Hamlets have in common is that they are catalysts - inassimilable figures alien to the norms around them. The paradoxes and dissident intensities of Hamlet’s beliefs and language become sharper through the figure of an actress/prince whose very presence exposes artifice - the theatrical conventions we might not otherwise question, the political banalities masking Elsinore’s lies, and the structures of power and gender that normally trap women in Hamlet in the roles of Mother, Virgin and Whore. The female Hamlet is a walking, talking alienation effect.”

Our sample word set will contain all the words spoken by womenin Hamlet. We fill in the dialog fields as follows.
6. Stone, James W. “Androgynous ‘Union’ and the Women in Hamlet.” Shakespeare Studies 23 (1995): 71-99

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there are many things that point to shakespeare viewing women as weak, fragile, and less equal compared to men. there's the way he all the omen in Hamlet living up to these viewsn, and how all the other male characters relate tot the women in Hamlet like this. There's the way in other plays of his, that he has strong women, but he also has them made out to have somethign wrong with them, so that they need to be "fixed." Thjere's thew point that Shakespeare was so smart, that it worked against him, as well as with him. An d lastly there is also the common fact that all writers, no matter how hard they try not to, capture a piece of themselves int heir work. With all these things leanig towards shakpeseare viewing women inadequately, it is pretty clear that he does. Since facts about shakespeare's past are pretty foggy, we may never know ehy. It could hvae been his expoeriences with women, or how society treated and thought of womean at that time. The point is, that no matter what caused him to feel that way, Shakespeare did think of women as weak, and fragile, and this clearly showed in his work.

O. Thus, Shakespeare’s purpose of women in Hamlet, especially Gertrude, is subsumed by marriage into the identities of their husbands.

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