I don't have any idea what write about myself and how.

If you want to know how to write an essay about yourself, then this article is just for you. Here, we will present several tips on how to write an essay about myself properly and succeed.

Usually, the task to write essays about myself is given to those entering a high school/college/university or even to those applying for a job. An essay about yourself should present necessary information on what kind of person you are, introduce your achievements.

Do you want to impress the reader? Think about the best ideas to present in the descriptive essay on yourself! Maybe, some of the ideas presented below will interest you:

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I could say more, but, as I said, I don't like to write about myself.

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Wow! I just realized that in my attempt to be funny, I not only wrote about myself in first person, I also managed to write about myself in 3rd person. That would make me doubly narcissistic. And add to that, the fact that I have just replied to myself!

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I suppose all I can do is write about myself. Whether it’s a play about history, which is a story, after all; or a play that comes from nowhere at all, comes from Me, who is also a story. Roughly half the plays I’ve written might be called historical. The other half tend to take place in the real world, now. There isn’t any good reason for this split that I’m aware of. And strangely they often seem to come in pairs, written at the same time, the historical during the day, the imagined one at night.

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This post made me clear to write about myself ,i actually lost my way to scrib about me

business people, I hate having to write about myself

I particularly loved the way Henneke and Julia not only answered the big questions, like “What are the essential components of an effective About page?” but also the smaller details that many people fret over, like “Should I write about myself in the first person (I) or third person (he or she)?”

Always such a daunting feat when having to write about myself for something “useful.”.

"This was the first time to write about myself, in a sense

It is very difficult for me to write about myself, and especially , which was written at a horrendous time in my life, was published by a series of mind-boggling synchronicities, and has gone further than any author dared dream. But I’ll give it a shot.