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I loved this post. My first instinct was to push back – write about MYSELF, no thanks. Not to say I haven’t written personal essays, but I tend to stick with fiction because writing about myself is very intense – as you know! But it’s also important (not to mention rewarding), and this post reminded me now vital it is, for all kinds of writers, to mine our own wounds, to uncover our vulnerability, because if we don’t, our other writing may lack depth, in my humble opinion, anyhow

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I could say more, but, as I said, I don't like to write about myself.

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Writing about myself helped me develop in every aspect of my life: at home and at work, in my relationships, as a mother, a partner, a friend, a daughter and a colleague. I would like to share with you this journey of personal development and growing consciousness and inspire you to write with a specific focus in mind. I will support you doing that with offering a multitude of focuses, questions, themes.

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I am Orsolya Hernold, Orsi (pronounced Or-she) for short. I live in Budapest, Hungary with my partner, Zoli, and two children (6 and 8). I realized a couple weeks ago that I have been writing about myself for more than 20 years. I started with a diary of a journey, then I was fortunate to have mentors guide me through powerful writing lessons. I looked over the pile of notebooks I gathered over the years and I would like to share with you my experiences and insights all of which enabled me to lead a more conscious life.

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I suppose all I can do is write about myself. Whether it’s a play about history, which is a story, after all; or a play that comes from nowhere at all, comes from Me, who is also a story. Roughly half the plays I’ve written might be called historical. The other half tend to take place in the real world, now. There isn’t any good reason for this split that I’m aware of. And strangely they often seem to come in pairs, written at the same time, the historical during the day, the imagined one at night.
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Writing about myself, or things happening around me has always been quite easy for me because of the first hand experience but I’ve always wanted to try telling someone else’s story and I tried writing about a suicide after I heard the news that a guy jumped inside a mall from the fourth level because he had cancer.

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Of course, in many ways I’m still writing about myself. These people, their stories, are my concern, my enthusiasms. And I believe that the best writers must risk something profound of themselves in the writing, no matter what. So maybe I’m still writing the same story after all, but maybe I’m finding a better way to do it.

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I've been writing about myself for as long as I can remember

So here in idocde I see that we write about what we teach, our focus in teaching, our key interests, where we were born, our background info in dance –schools of graduation/teachers studied/performances–, our mission and vision in teaching, our relation to our audience, historical context of ourselves and our teaching, our fields of work and our outreach… when we write about ourselves. Some of us even use third person point of view. (This is my biggest dillema for years, I am writing about myself and I pretend that somebody else is writing it…hmmm. But it reads better, or fits in the institutional presentations better… does it? Or why does it have to fit in? hmmmm hmmm)